10 Foods To Keep Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

Many people pay special attention to the areas of our body by keeping them as healthy and clean as possible. We sometimes floss, brush and freshen our teeth and mouths, moisture our skin and also use treatments on our hair, but we can not underestimate the importance of maintaining a healthy vagina. This one is […]

Take Watermelon Seeds and Boil Them: The Results Will Shock You! (RECIPE)

Summer is the perfect time for consumption on refreshing and delicious watermelon. Many vitamins and minerals are inside such as vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and magnesium. But the watermelon seeds are more than that. The seeds are rich in fatty acid including, proteins, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins. Citrulline substances are one […]

10 Pounds To Lose With This Detox! And Cleanse Your Liver, Kidneys !

Spring is a beautiful season, it’s also the time of year when our immune systems may take a beating. There are many possible reasons for this– stress of the holidays, lack of Vitamin D, the cold– but regardless, it often results in us getting cold or flu-like symptoms. As the saying goes, when life hands […]

8 Bedtime Drinks For Fast Liver Detoxing and Fat Burning !

The traditional Chinese medicine says that the human body goes through a 24-hour cycle which is similar to biorhythm that affects the emotional, intellectual and physical state. According to this cycle, the body energy or chi goes through the essential organs. During the night sleep, chi is flowing throughout the body and is restoring your […]

9 Bad Habits that Stop Weight Loss

Mention the words ‘weight loss’ and you can certainly spark a debate. Everyone seems to have their own favorite method. But unfortunately, it’s a process much like a yo-yo. We’ll explore 9 bad habits that may be keeping most people from losing that weight and keeping it off. 1. Eating before going to bed Most […]

9 Home Remedies to Treat Food Poisoning

Running towards street food sometimes may result in food poisoning. Food poisoning is one of the most common illnesses faced by many people. But it cannot be ignored for a longer time as it can sometimes be life threatening too. Food poisoning is caused by bacteria, virus and other toxins in food. The symptoms of […]

Pineapple Smoothie for Weight Loss, Apple Cider Vinegar Magical Effects

Being overweight will cause numerous wellbeing and magnificence issues. In this way, everybody needs to remain fit and solid. Smoothies are the best choice to shed pounds rapidly without bringing on any dietary insufficiency in the body. Along these lines, here in this article, we will find out about a smoothie that broadly utilized for […]